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As a charitable organisation we are looking for a trustee to join our board who is passionate about providing services to the community.

We expect you to have a broad understanding of the voluntary or community sector: the challenges involved in the work of this sector; the importance of good governance in running a registered charity; and willingness to help support the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Ideally you will have experience in an area of work that will support our small charity - whether it is in administration, financial administration, social work, education, or arts development. It would also be advantageous if you have a understanding of the Chinese community, culture and Putonghua/Mandarin Chinese.

We primarily serve the Chinese community of Lancaster and its surrounding areas through welfare services, cultural outreach and education, but also supporting the greater social cohesion and wellbeing of all communities regardless of ethnicity.

We do this with a variety of long running regular services at our community centre like information and advice drop-ins and communal social space, but also through a varied and exciting programme of activities in other settings such as local libraries, school and community events.

Our two main projects are the Lancaster Chinese School and Lancaster Chinese Arts Festival.

The Lancaster Chinese School is based at the Lancaster Boys and Girls Club on Dallas Road, Lancaster and runs Chinese language classes for children from 5-16 years. It was started to help children in Chinese families to preserve their connections with their heritage through their mother tongue and understanding of Chinese culture. However with the increasing importance of Chinese in the world in not just business, but also culture, we include students from the wider community who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture.

The Lancaster Chinese Arts Festival coincides with the Chinese lunar new year and incorporates both traditional Chinese New Year celebrations in the form of the Lancaster Chinese New Year Carnival and fund-raising Gala Dinner as well as an artistic programme which has included exhibitions, theatrical performances, screenings, touring activities and arts workshops. Artists who we have worked with over the years include Ed Pien, Pagoda Arts, Red Dragonfly Productions, Puppetcraft, Wanlin Steele and many more.



在符合的情况下,您将获得一份有经验的工作范围,将支持我们小型慈善组织的委托 - 无论是在行政,财务管理,社区工作,或推广教育或发展艺术项目。如果你是了解华人社区的需求,例如:文化教育/中文汉语或粤语,对于发展项目那也是有益的条件。






我们在举办农历春节庆祝期间包括举办中华艺术节,其他以艺术节目,展览,文艺表演,播放电影,英国各区域一日游和提供中小学校的中华艺术工作坊。这些年来和我们合作过的艺术家包括,埃德,皮恩,宝塔艺术家,红蜻蜓艺术团话剧,皮影戏,Puppetcraft,Wanlin Steele过往各个艺术家的合作。我们尽量去实现本慈善组织的目标完美!

  • Video

'I Am The Red Rose' by BME Network Lancashire

We took part in 'I Am The Red Rose' a short film documenting different communities in Lancashire commissioned by BME Network Lancashire, click the video above to watch!

我们参加了“我是红玫瑰”一部短片,记录了由BME Network Lancashire委托的兰开夏郡不同社区,点击上面的视频观看!

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Interview by UCLAN SU at Lancaster Chinese New Year Carnival 2019

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Zilan Liao at the 12th Anniversary Chinese New Year Gala 2017

Zilan Liao renowned musician and director of Pagoda Arts in Liverpool performs at the Chinese New Year Gala also marking the Hua Xian Chinese Society 12th anniversary since the charity was founded.

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Highlights from Lancaster Chinese New Year Carnival 2016

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Lancaster Fine Arts Exhbition by Chinese Artists on China Central TV

CCTV cover a new touring exhbition of Chinese artists around the UK, hosted by the Lancaster University Confucius Institute.