中文学校老师 Chinese School Teacher

Unpaid, Voluntary
Travel Expenses
Lancaster Chinese School, Dallas Road, Lancaster
Positions Available

Are you interested in teaching Chinese languages?

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who enjoy teaching Chinese as a language and can take on the responsibility of teaching groups of students - including young native speakers or students new to the language. An ideal candidate will have previous experience of teaching language or working with young children or adults, however it is not a requirement and training will be provided.

You will need to be a confident and fluent communicator - speaking in Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua, Guoyu) reading and writing in Simplified Chinese script. We currently do not provide tuition in other dialects or Traditional Chinese script, however this may change depending on interest.

The Hua Xian Chinese School is based at the Lancaster Boys and Girls Club on Dallas Road, Lancaster. Classes are run from 13:00 to 15:00 with a 30 minute break for students and staff.

Parking is available on site, and it is within 10 minutes walking distance of the city centre and public transport by bus or train.

As you will be working with children/vulnerable adults you will be subject to our child protection policy and where appropriate DBS checks to check your suitability.


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'I Am The Red Rose' by BME Network Lancashire

We took part in 'I Am The Red Rose' a short film documenting different communities in Lancashire commissioned by BME Network Lancashire, click the video above to watch!

我们参加了“我是红玫瑰”一部短片,记录了由BME Network Lancashire委托的兰开夏郡不同社区,点击上面的视频观看!

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Interview by UCLAN SU at Lancaster Chinese New Year Carnival 2019

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Zilan Liao at the 12th Anniversary Chinese New Year Gala 2017

Zilan Liao renowned musician and director of Pagoda Arts in Liverpool performs at the Chinese New Year Gala also marking the Hua Xian Chinese Society 12th anniversary since the charity was founded.

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Highlights from Lancaster Chinese New Year Carnival 2016

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Lancaster Fine Arts Exhbition by Chinese Artists on China Central TV

CCTV cover a new touring exhbition of Chinese artists around the UK, hosted by the Lancaster University Confucius Institute.