Lancashire Constabulary have launched a new service to help support the local Chinese community - a telephone helpline for reporting crime. Simply call 01722 209988 to report crime and recieve support between 10am and 8pm. You can also leave a message for them to contact you. Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) speakers is currently supported by the service but the police are working to support Cantonese speakers too. The police are also looking for volunteers fluent in Chinese to help provide the service. If you need emergency help because someone's life is in danger, do call 999. 此芯片手机号码只 01772209988 - 在目前这个阶段只有普通话服务。 每天电话值班时间,由早上十点至晚八点[ 电话有留言设备]。 如果紧急求救请拨999(英语)。