The Hua Xian Chinese Society officially launches it's new Chinese language school which will provide tuition in Mandarin Chinese for children and adults. The school has been project that has been in planning for many years with the local Chinese community to help those of Chinese heritage and the wider community learn about Chinese culture. Visitors to the opening enjoyed fun activities: Lion Dancing, Martial Arts and children could make paper lanterns, flags and friendship bracelets. They also tried tasty Chinese and Indian food including traditional Mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. A photographic exhibition was also at the event to mark the end of the Shanghai Expo 2010 in China with leaflets explaining the rich and diverse culture of ancient and modern China. Big thanks to all the staff, volunteers and the people who came down to take part in the event. We look for forward to many of the children returning as students in the coming weeks! We would also like to extend a special thanks to the Manchester People’s Republic of China Consulate for their support. 在学校开学之时我们举办了有趣的活动:有舞狮和武术,而且孩子们一起做纸灯笼,彩旗和友谊手镯。并品尝中式月饼,及传统的中餐和印度菜,与各民族共同庆祝中秋佳节。 同时我们也展出了关于2010年上海世博会的摄影作品,诠释了丰富多彩的中国古代和现代文化。 在此我们非常感谢所有工作人员,志愿者和热心支持并参加这次活动的人,我们期待在未来几周有更多小朋友一起加入中文学校学习中文。 同时要特别感谢中华人民共和国驻曼彻斯特领事馆的大力支持与协助。 [nggallery id=6]