The Hua Xian Chinese Society is celebrating the Dragonboat Festival and our Annual General Meeting. All friends and family are welcome to join and enjoy the Chinese School sports day and fun activities. We will be providing light refreshments and Zongzi (traditional rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves) to mark the occasion. Fun activities on the day: Dragonboat crafts workshop, puzzles, sports day races and games. Vegetarian Rice Dumplings:Glutinous Rice, a variety of Beans or Peanuts, Chinese Mushroom and Bamboo Leaf. Meat Rice Dumplings:Glutinous Rice, a variety of Beans, Chinese Mushrooms, Bamboo Leaf and Chicken or Pork. It is also an opportunity for new parents to enroll at the Chinese School for September 2015-2016. 亲爱的会员, 家长们:您们好!华贤社周年大会,与此同时举办端午节亲子运动日,诚邀请阁下扶老携幼和朋友们参与当日的亲子活动,与孩子们欢聚一堂。欢迎各位携带食物或甜品与大家结缘分享,当日本社提供应节粽子品尝。 当日活动: 制造纸龙舟,亲子猜字游戏,亲子二人三足比赛,儿童赛跑比赛,棋艺交流。 素粽子材料:各种豆类,香菇,香糯米,竹叶。 肉粽子材料:各种豆类,香菇,香糯米,鸡肉 或猪肉,竹叶。 当日本社接受申请报读中文课程。 Poster for 10th AGM and Dragonboat Festival Celebrations